Easy to install, Plug-and-Play functionality
Dynamic Power Management
S.M.A.R.T. & TRIM support
Increase your system performance


Besides the blazing transfer speeds, the Veteke 2.5″ MLC Internal SSD ranges from 128GB to 1TB capacities that helps you save time to drag and delete files and process large multimedia files within seconds. Install this Multi-Level Cell 3D NAND flash module in your desktop or laptop and enjoy rapid and lag-free multitasking!

Get more out of your computing by giving it the resources it needs to perform. After all, you may not be a pro yet but you can definitely use the same equipment they use.

Enjoy a lag-free experience in your everyday computing with the Veteke Solid State Drive!


The Veteke MLC Internal Solid State Drive helps you save time to drag and delete files and process large multimedia files within seconds.

Veteke SSDs (Solid State Drives) consists of semiconductor devices using NAND flash memory which provide high reliability and performance for any of your storage needs. Equipped with high read and write speeds, the Veteke SSD is designed to boost the speed of your notebook or desktop, outperforming conventional hard disk drives drastically (10 times faster than a 7200 rpm hard drive).

With hassle-free compatibility and renowned Veteke reliability and support, this SSD is a smart performance investment.

Delivers up to 6Gbps bandwidth to take full advantage of the performance of the Veteke Internal Solid State Drive.

The Veteke Internal SSD features the industry-standard 2.5″ form factor. It measures in at just 7mm in height and weighs like a feather, which is best suited with thin and light notebooks, mainstream PCs, and today’s advanced Ultrabooks.

Technical Specifications

Memory size 128GB
Flash type MLC 3D NAND FLASH
Form factor 2.5” SATA, 7mm case
Interface standard Serial ATA Revision 3.1, 6GB/s
Performance Read up to 550MB/s
Write up to 480MB/s
Operating temperature range 0°C to +70°C
Voltage 5 V